What is Vintage Furniture Sofas’ delivery policy?

Vintage Furniture Sofas has certain policies for the delivery of the different furniture, pending with postal codes. On our website, different prices are shown, which do not include any type of payment sent to the destination, this being a separate expense. There are different places that have a standard delivery, and these are the areas that remain within Mainland. Except for different postal codes where you will add at least 99 pounds sterling. Some of our products, depending on size, are transported in special vans, our staff in charge of direct delivery to destination. In contrast, the smallest products in size are chosen to be sent to the destination with a common parcel service.

There are different islands such as the Isle of Wight and Isle of Scotland where products will be sent to a predetermined address on the continent, and from there everything is in the hands of the customer. This is very important to know that it is only if you opt for the standard rate. In addition to this, there is also room for certain zip code addresses where deliveries will take much longer than normal.

When can I expect my order?

Everything depends on the product and the location so that the customer can get their order as soon as possible within 2 to 3 months. Normally the time taken to deliver the article is previously indicated next to the descriptive table of the article. Although this may also depend on the level of work the factory has when you take the order. In any case, the client will be previously informed of each detail, including if any type of delay is expected.Take into account that in most cases, if the customer bought more than one product, all these will be dispatched and delivered at the same time.

How do you calculate your delivery times?

Depending on which item you chose to buy, it is the time it can take. This time is updated every day in the virtual store.There is a large amount of furniture that was previously assembled by hand by professional craftsmen, which obviously would take more time for this product to reach its destination. The service that Chesterfield owns furniture manufactured to order makes it possible that an offer of many different types of furniture is made, so the client can have from which to choose the one he likes the most. The delivery time is a factor that changes the decision of the client, and that is why in Chesterfield we provide on screen the time that will have to wait for the article, considering choosing one that takes less time to wait.

In general conditions, a good number of furniture and different products take a time of four weeks and even less. Anyway, at the time of making the payment, all the details will be revealed to the buyer.

What if I’m unable to take delivery of my order when its ready?

Normally the reconstructions are projects that have to have some other delay. If this happens to one of our clients and prevents him from receiving the order, the storage of our part will be completely free for only fourteen days. If this period is met and you spend more days without being able to receive it, the cost of storage per week would be at least ten pounds sterling.

What if my delivery contains damaged goods?

There is not a large number of cases like this, however as everything can happen, the client should contact as soon as possible with our offices. We will take care of thereafter; there may be a possibility that the item will be repaired at the destination even. If this is not possible, the item can be returned to the factory, in any case, do not discard the packaging. It is important to know that for possible repairs of items or returns, you need to contact our customer service department, there will actively assist the buyer and study your case to authorize or not authorize return or repair. The buyer can trust us and our faithful team that delivers the different pieces of furniture in the most correct way possible and thus not generate an accident because the product will be handled properly.

Please Note:

There is no place for delivery requests at specific times and dates. For any request for information related to this, you can contact us through our telephone numbers. When the buyer agrees to a delivery date with the Chesterfield team, he has to make sure he can receive the item that same day. If there were problems that prevent you from receiving the item, you can contact us immediately at least two days beforehand and save yourself some forty-five pounds sterling that is attached to emergency calls. Why is it like this? Because our team has such an organization that, the customer order will be loaded on the delivery trucks the day before the date agreed with the customer. If these items are loaded onto the vehicle, they cannot be downloaded. Chesterfield has a service for the delivery of mattresses and pillows which is made the day after and is completely free. If the client needs a specific delivery time in AM or PM time, he can contact us.

If in Chesterfield we know of any factor that generates a delay in the delivery time, we will contact the buyer. The availability of each product is listed on its information page. If an article is expected to take longer than announced, we will contact you.