Vintage Style Sofas And Chairs

Evoking the nostalgia and glamour of past times, vintage style is a trend that is very present in the interior design of today, being one of its virtues the possibility of mixing currents and design styles, to create unique cozy spaces. With the use of modern and antique pieces, this design can make them adapt and complement harmoniously in spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, and anywhere else.

With classic touches, vintage-style sofas and chairs represent a modern and romantic option, with their distinctive styles and shapes of modern design furniture. For the most part, the shapes of these sofas are curved or round, stately chairs, evoking royalty in some of them, so it can be the main element of its decoration.

In this style the romantic also predominates, so the use of floral fabrics and textures is very marked within the spaces, and can even be found even in the walls of some room. The range of colors to use is also a primary element, with colors such as white, pink, pastel tones, although if the decoration is focused on the retro style, stronger and more striking colors and the combination of many of them can be used.

Within this style, there are some classic pieces already known and used, such as the classic Chester sofa, being the most sought-after furniture worldwide, whose main reason is due to its history and its style and elegance that permeates distinction to space Where it is used. It is very common to get this sofa in libraries or TV rooms or offices, for its classic history and the shape of its back or back in capitoné and bulky sides, which gives comfort for reading or conversation activities.

Also within this style in recent years, round tables have begun to be used, evoking the era of the 50s where they were widely used. This type of vintage table is in steel with a lacquered surface, so they bring a classic and romantic style to the dining room.

Another complement for vintage decoration is related to the chairs, among which Vitra Chairs can be mentioned, with a curved seat model and preferably made of light wood, which provides romanticism with its shape to the spaces. If these chairs or sofas are combined with other elements such as metal or pewter lamps, space will be totally vintage according to the time you want to remember.

Velvet is also very present in this style, either with antique furniture lined or upholstered with this textile or with its use as a decoration tapestry. In the sofas, it is very attractive and elegant, with intense colors that become protagonists of the space where the furniture is placed, and as a visual attraction that evokes the times of elegance and softness in the designs. The vintage style was established in the spaces and promises to be a trend in the coming years, so investing in this decoration is an attractive and promising decoration option.