Vintage Furniture Wellington

When you are in the process of decoration, one of the most important and inspiring challenges is to make the environment unique, fill it with personality and make it worthy of appearing in any decoration catalog, hence the importance of finding and acquiring original vintage furniture.

In some cases, the special touch is provided using an ornament, a painting, or the carpet itself. However, and according to current trends, vintage or recovered styles are gaining ground when adding personality to any room.

The contribution of this type of furniture lies in its unique pieces, full of character. The shapes, design and even wear leave an interesting aura in the environment while allowing reuse of furniture and accessories that, otherwise, would be discarded.

Once this is explained, it is logical that ideas abound. However, and as always happens in decoration, it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed by styles, shapes, and colors.

Because of this, a compendium of options is presented below that will lead to the most general ideas, and that will help to achieve the perfect room, room, or dining room. Attention!

The reengagement of the toilets

Although this bedroom furniture is characterized by their long periods of durability, they also do so by wearing out in the most usable way for the vintage style. And as a rule, the bathroom is usually your destination when they are reused in the decoration.

These old drawers can become the ideal bathroom cabinet if the sink drain is installed inside so that the humidity does not manage to hurt and worsen the condition of the furniture.

Any wooden furniture will serve this purpose; it will only be necessary to cover it with polyurethane varnish and make it more water-resistant.

Worn Tables

Another idea full of personality, especially for ultramodern rooms, the touch of wear will be that common differentiator that will attract all eyes.

The size and wear of the table will be at the discretion of each person, but it is recommended to use tables with short legs and some distinctive feature quite prominent - the color, the shape of the legs.

As for materials, wood is positioned as the ideal material to achieve this kind of tasks.

Reinvent the dining room

This is an essential piece of furniture that is better kept in good condition. However, if there is a desire to make an extreme change and the dining room is completely unharmed, what can be done is to trim the legs or paint them of a particular color.

When making this change, the acquisition of new chairs will probably also be necessary. In this section, people can stand out as much as they want and can.

Dressing tables desks

Continuing with the dressers, it is necessary to add that the Scandinavian type can become the best and most elegant desks if a matching chair is used that provides comfort.

The easiest item to retrieve

The chairs can be painted, varnished, or completely changed at their discretion and installed in the house with a new function. The curves, in general, receive the chalk paint that brings a unique, elegant and modern Scandinavian style.

And just like this, any other style. It only takes inspiration.