Vintage Furniture Brooklyn

There are decorative styles that last for decades and that simply cannot go out of style as is the classic, industrial style, and style that were used in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, especially the decorations that mix the rustic style with one more style modern. They are that today they have a lot of booms since they can mix pieces of the past with new decorative elements that are added according to current trends.

One of the styles that has currently achieved a lot of fame and is very sought after and requested is the vintage style. The vintage style is the one that mixes an old and even worn appearance and in many cases have modern colors and hues.

You can find antique vintage furniture that is from the 50s or 70s as there is also furniture manufactured today with the same design that was used in ancient times.

Vintage furniture makes the spaces more welcoming thanks to their presence because they have a special, unique appeal. They are objects with history, with soul, that have resisted the passage of time and fashion.

Vintage furniture has an old look that you can cheer up with a Danish bar cabinet for the living room or dining room, which was the star piece of the homes of the 50s.

Characteristics of vintage furniture

Vintage furniture has a series of features that will give your home a unique touch:


Vintage furniture has its own story to tell, ranging from its design, its creators or designers, of the year they were used, whether they are really old or designs made today. If you get it in some place of old objects you will have data of its origin, the year and place from which it was taken, which will take you to get an idea of ​​the treasure that will be taken home.

They have a lot of character

You can be sure that with vintage furniture your house will not be boring and more if accompanied by accessories and modern pieces of different textures as it is currently being used. It will give a strong personality to your home due to the exclusive character of this type of objects.

They are versatile

As already mentioned you can use a vintage piece of furniture with modern tables of industrial, rustic, metal style, etc. As you can see with some vintage furniture you can play with the decoration of your home, you can give it the touch of color, texture you want.

Vintage furniture as mentioned are designs that emerged in the past and are characterized by their original design and the quality of the materials with which they are manufactured. Lovers of this style can opt for vintage furniture for all types of space: living room, lounge, office, bedroom or bedroom, dining room. Be they metal, wood, with drawers and industrial vintage style, with an aged appearance, with an oriental or rustic air, the vintage has many nuances that are very easy to adapt to any space in your home.

If you want to achieve a 100% vintage style and with colors and furniture is not enough, then you must look for the fundamental accessories to create the desired environment. Any complement is taken from that time such as Danish design lamps, showcases, chairs, sofas, paintings, frames, wallpaper, etc.