Vintage Furniture Brighton

When talking about the vintage style we talk about antique furniture or accessories or that its design focuses on the era of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. These styles of furniture became fashionable again in the decorations. Many people want a vintage piece of furniture to be fashionable.

With this style, you can mix several styles such as rustic with a more modern style, the industrial vintage style. Many have been created at the time that corresponds to their style and design. Although currently this word has become popular and encompasses everything that has an old look or design, without going into the details of dates, that is, it is already a style in itself.

There are many types of furniture or vintage sofas, each one is known by its own name, the most common being: kite sofa, twist sofa, Chester sofa, cheslong sofa, Nordic style sofa.

The most famous vintage furniture

Of all the Chester sofa is the most popular on the market, it is also known as Chesterfield sofas. It is inspired by the classic English style, it is usually 2 or 3 seats and most of the time they are made of leather, its padded design and with buttons make it very attractive. It is a sofa that has become very fashionable thanks to its numerous appearances in television programs.

According to the story, Count Chesterfield, perceived that the usual chairs of the 19th century did not allow maintaining an upright posture, which had negative consequences for the back, on the other hand, it was impossible to appear before others as they demanded at the time, since the clothes had to look perfect for what is said to have commissioned a special sofa from a cabinetmaker.

They say that this is how the Chesterfield sofa, better known as a Chester sofa, was born, which has survived to this day, has become a classic. This vintage furniture continued to evolve until today. One of its great advantages is that it fits into any decorative style you have in your home, from classic to vintage or even industrial.

What you should keep in mind is that this type of vintage furniture has a lot of presence so you should not recharge the space where you are going to place it, you should balance the rest of the decoration very well.

As you can see from the market you can find a wide variety of sofas and vintage furniture. If you want this type of decoration and are looking for vintage furniture you must first take into account certain aspects since not only the style or color is important. You should look for sofas that are sturdy and comfortable, and that can fit well with the decor and in the space where the sofa will go.

Placing a vintage piece of furniture in the decoration of your home or room is very easy, especially if you play with colors and shapes. If you want a more vintage style and the furniture is not enough, you should try placing lamps, paintings, vases, vintage frames, tolix style chairs, showcases, etc. All this will give your space the vintage touch you are looking for. In addition, you can choose curtains in a tone similar to the upholstery of the sofa to create a more atmosphere towards that retro style.