Vintage Furniture And Armchairs

Within the modern decoration, furniture, sofas, and armchairs are present anywhere. With different styles, the decorations of the spaces in the last decades have begun to remember past times, with a term called vintage. Vintage decoration today is a very marked trend, and every day more people want to have in their spaces characteristic aspects of this decoration in their businesses, homes, offices, bedrooms, rooms, or anywhere of preference.

This type of decoration is very striking for its warmth, femininity, and romanticism, capable of mixing old-style pieces with some more modern ones. Thus, we can find living rooms with a combination of old and modern trends, where the furniture or sofas are vintage, while the lamps or other decorative objects are modern in style, where all the elements are adapted in the space to get warmth and distinction.

Among the vintage sofas and armchairs, there are classic features that make them unique, such as their shapes that are mostly curved and round, the materials used where the use of wood or leather stands out, or the colors used in the case of Retro furniture is presented with bright and cheerful colors, evoking the era of freedom and fun.

Within the armchairs or sofas used for interior design are some that are already classic, such as the Chester Sofa, which represents an icon in vintage fashion and is widely used in spaces such as libraries or lounges, standing out for its Style and curved lines. You can also find the Vitra Chairs, with a classic wooden model with curved seats, which by their style can be used not only in dining room games but also as a complement to a sofa or furniture in the living rooms.

Another element widely used in this style is velvet, so it is very common within this decoration to find sofas of this material, with strong and striking colors that will make it stand out and distinguish within the space, although it can also be used as a tapestry on the sofas to give them a romantic and classic touch.

Although this furniture represents vintage decoration options, they must be combined clearly and correctly within the spaces. Factors such as colors to use, and their combination with other elements such as lamps and mirrors, are essential to achieve a harmonious mixture. In the use of antique mirrors, the preference is those with a square shape whose frame can be made of iron or gold, which would be the perfect complement for vintage furniture and sofas.

As for the lamps, in this type of decoration, you can get simple plain and unicolor design, reminiscent of the classic and sophisticated of the 50s. With all the options available, the spaces can be warm, cozy, romantic, and of great beauty and visual appeal with all these elements combined in a way to try to recreate the ancient within modernity. This is why vintage decoration is a very marked trend, expanding every day to more spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, and other interior design spaces.