Decoration With Antique and Vintage Sofas

As a trend in the decoration of the last decades, the vintage style has permeated the spaces of the current interior design. With the use of antique sofas in the living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and in any space, it has been possible to achieve a harmony between modern and past times, transforming the decoration into a way to express memories and experiences as well as to evoke Trends and past fashions. Although it may be mistakenly believed that this style is only applied to achieve an ancient style in spaces, vintage can be translated as the mixture of modern and current styles with shapes and colors that transfer the memories and memories of the past to the place.

With curved and oval shapes, antique furniture or sofas have been established in spaces such as libraries or living rooms of homes, with vintage classics such as Chester Sofa, with a great history and that today is an icon of decoration. With a capitoné back and bulging sides, this vintage pioneer sofa never goes out of style, and it is very common to find it providing style and sobriety. Another vintage classic is the Vitra Chairs, with curved seats and made of light wood, providing classic and romantic style to the spaces. The old sofas have a variety of colors and dimensions, from the classic two or three posts with characteristics that resemble royalty, to the most irreverent ones such as strong, patterned or striking colors that evoke the era of freedom, color, and joy.

In the old sofas, the presence of flowery textures in soft and pastel colors is also common, which are ideal for romantic and classic spaces. Textiles such as velvet, are frequent in bright and intense colors, to be the protagonist of the decoration. These sofas in combination with a color palette adapted to the time to remember, are the perfect option to complete all kinds of vintage decoration. Because it is a fashion trend and that every day grows and encompasses new spaces and forms in the interior design, furniture and sofa designers try to adapt their designs to past times, offering their customers the possibility of buying current furniture but achieving the old or vintage style in their spaces.

The vintage furniture decoration is capable of transforming spaces with unique, elegant, romantic, cheerful, striking and distinctive interior design. With elements with charm, quality, and a unique presentation, the old sofas in conjunction with other vintage elements such as lamps, with a tendency in plain and unicolor designs, veneered, and mostly evoking the 40s and 50s; the mirrors, as a focal point that stands out and a vintage decoration of square shape and with iron or gold frames; They become the protagonists of any space. Taking into consideration the sizes, shapes and dimensions of the old sofas, they are an attractive and influential element, so it is necessary not to saturate the spaces with a large number of sofas, but to consider the function and prominence of the sofas to define how many are they will be used and with what time or design they will work to achieve the desired interior design.